Will of John Compere, Cloth Worker of London

23 July 1680 (Probated 3 June 1681)

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We have retained as near as possible the spelling found in the original document; and words which are our best guess are followed by [?]. The lines are broken as in the original. The Latin probation undoubtedly contains numerous errors; but we feel that we can identify the key elements: to wit; the document probates the will of John Compere, recognizing Penelope Compere as Executrix, and the date 3 June 1681.

This document was transcribed from the United Kingdom National Archives' Documents Online. The wills are the result of a digitization of the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Whereas the images are subject to Crown copyright, the transcriptions are the intellectual property of Jan and Larry Rhodes; and they were prepared for genealogical purposes only and may be used for such with attribution to us. Please address any comments, corrections, or questions to us by e-mail. Good luck in the search for your ancestors.

24 March 2006

In the name of God Amen
I John Compere citizen and cloth worker of London beingst found
weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory Almighty God
be forever praised, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament forth-
with (that is to say) First and principally I commend and commit my Soul into the hands
of Almighty God my Creator who gave it stedfastly hopeing through his mercy and the
merciful [?] death and passion of my only Saviour Jesus Christ to obtain Eternal Salvation
in Heaven And my body I commit to the Earth from whence it came to be decently buryed
at the discretion of mine Executrix hereinafter named And as touching with estate as God
hath beene pleased to bestowe upon mee (after my death and funeral expenses payd and
discharged) I give devise and dispose of the same as followeth (that is to say) InprimisNote 1
I give devise and bequeath unto my deare and loveing wife Penelope Compere the
Summe of foure hundred pounds in Lieu and satisfaction of her Thirds or Customary
part of my estate which shee may anyway claime by Custome of this Cittie of
London in Kingdome of England Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Thomas
Compere the summe of Three hundred pounds to be payd unto him at his age
of one and twenty years And my Will and meaning is that said loveing wife shall
have the tuition and education of my said Sonn Thomas during his Minority And that
the interest and profit of the sayd Three hundred pounds during my said Sonne
Thomas his Minoritie shalbee from time to time received and kept by my said Wife
for and towards the education of my said Sonne Thomas Compere But in case
my sayd wife shall happen to depart this life or marry againe during the Minority
of my said Sonne and my Brother Thomas Compere shalbe then living Then my Will
mind and meaning is that my sayd brother Thomas shall have the Education and bring-
ing up of my sayd Sonne Thomas during his Minoritie and that in such Case the
Interest of the said Three hundred pounds during such my said sonnes Minority
shalbee received kept and applied by my said Brother Thomas for and towards
my sayd Sonnes education And I doo hereby desire him so to doo I give and
bequeath unto my Father and Mother Thomas and Elizabeth Compere the sume
of fiftie shillings a peece as a Legacy of my Love and tenn shillings a peece more
to buy each of them a Ring Item to my brother William Compere and his wife
Mary I give Tenn shillings a peece to buy each of them a ring To my brother
Thomas Compere I give and bequeath the summe of Tenn pounds for Mourning
and tenn shillings more for a ring To my brothers Anthonie and Robert I give
Tenn shillings a peece for rings To my Uncle George Compere I give twenty
Shillings for a ring To my Aunt Roberta Compere and her daughter Mary
I give tenn shillings a peece for Rings To my Cousins George Townsend
and Thomas Marshall I give tenn shillings a peece to by each of them a
ring To my Cousins Thomas and Leonard Compere I give tenn shillings a
peece for rings And my intent and meaning is that if my said Son Thomas
Compere shall happen to depart this life before shall attaine to his age
of one and twenty years Then I give devise and bequeath the Summe of Two
hundred pounds part of the said Summe of Three hundred pounds by mee to
him before in this my last Will bequeathed, unto my said loveing wife Penelope
Compere And the other one hundred pounds being therendue [?] of the said three
Hundred pounds I give and dispose as followeth (Vizt)Note 2 First I give and bequeath devise
unto my said Father and Mother Thomas and Elizabeth Compere (over and above
the Legacyes to them herein before bequeathed) the Summe of fifteene pounds
a peece thereof, And my Will is that my Mothers fifteene pounds be payd into
her owne hands for her sole use and benefitt and that her discharge alone
without my Fathers shalbee sufficient to discharge mine Executrix for
payment of the same Item I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas
Compere over and above the Legacie to him given the summe of fifteen pounds
thereof And to my brothers Anthonie and Robert I give and bequeath the
summe of Tenn pounds thereof a peece Item I give and bequeath to my Nephew [John, margin]
John Compere sonn of my brother William Compere the summe of Ten pounds
thereof Item to my Nephews Thomas William and George Sons of my said brother
William I give and bequeath five pounds thereof a peece And to my Nephew and
Neece William and Anne sonne and daughter of my brother George Compere I
Give the summe of five pounds thereof a peece the rest and residue of all my Estate
Whatsoever and wheresoever (not by me already herein before disposed of) I give and
devise and bequeath the same unto my said loveing wife Penelope Compere and I
make name ordain and appoint for my said wife Penelope Compere full and sole
Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revokeing all former Wills by
Mee at anie time heretofore made, and appointing this to be and stand for and as
mine only last Will and Testament In Witnesse whereof I the sayd John Compere
the Estate I have to this my last Will and Testament put my hand and seale the
twenty third day of July Anno Domini one Thousand six hundred Eighty and in the
two and thirtieth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second
by the grace of God King of England I give to my Ante Margery Holliday
tenn shillings John Compere London subscribed published and declared by
the said John Compere the Testator for and as his last Will and Testament
the said three and twentieth day of July one thousand six hundred Eighty in
the presence of Tho: Marshall Leonard Compere

Probatum apud London fuit hujusmodi Testamontum coram
Ererabili biro Domino Richardo Lloyd Mitile Legum Doctore Surrogato Veneitis
Egregijbiri Domini Leolini Denkins Militis Legumetiam Doctores Curiae Grae-
Rogatiba Cecutuarieusis Magistri Custodis sibe Commisarij legitime soustituti
tertio die Monsis Junij Anno Domini Milesismo sexsentesimo octegesimo primo
Duramento Penelope Compere Reliche dich defunsti et Executrixis in eaderi
Ertamento nominata Cinsemmisa fuit Administratio omnium et singulari
bonorum jurium et moditorum dictidefuncti de bono et fidelitor Administrando
Eadem adsamta Soi Evangelia jurat.

  1. Inprimis: Latin: first or primarily; commonly used in wills of the 18th and 19th centuries in Great Britain.
  2. Vizt: Latin for to wit or that is to say.
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