Will of Mary Compere

Written 10 September 1730, Probated 18 September 1730

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24 March 2006
In the Name of God Amen
I Mary Compere of Stratford in the County of Essex widow
being weake in body but of sound and Disposeing mind memory
and understanding Do hereby make my last Will and Testament
in manner and forme following (that is to say) ImprimisNote 1 I will that my just Debts
and Funeral Charges shall be paid and discharged and after
payment thereof I give and dispose of such Estate as if hath
please God to bestowe upon me as followeth Inprimis I give
and bequeath unto my Sonn Wildgoose Compere the Sume of
Tenn pounds a year for Seaven years after my Decease if he
shall so long live payable Quarterly to him only And I hereby
Charge my MessuageNote 2 land and plantation hereinafter
mentioned with the payment thereof Item I give devise and
bequeath unto my three daughters Rebecca Compere
Dorothea Compere and Ann Compere their Heires and
assignes forever as Tenants in Common and nott as Joint
Tenants subject to the payment of the above mentioned
Annuity to my Sonn Wildgoose Compere and chargeable
therewith all that my Messuage land and plantation comonly
called or knowne by the name of the Oteff Plantation or by
whatsoever other name or names the same was or is called
or distinguished ScituateNote 3 lying and being in the Parish of St.
Davids in the Island of Jamaica now in the tenure or
occupation of John Harris Esq. his undertenants or
Assignes with all and every the Negroes Stock Cattle
Utensills and other goods and things therein thereupon
or thereunto belonging or appertaining And all those Messuages
lands and Plantations in the [said] Parish of me the said Mary
Compere heretofore belonging to Thomas Martin Esq.
deceased And all those Messuages or Tenements with the
appurtenances of me the said Mary Compere heretofore
belonging to the said Thomas Martin Scituate in Port Royall
in the said Island of Jamaica and all other the Messuages
lands plantations Negores Stock Cattle Utensills and other
goods whatsoever of me the said Mary Compere in the said
Island of Jamaica Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter
Rebecca Compere all my household goods linen and Cloathe
Item I give to my Grandaughter Mary Evitt fifty pounds payable at
her age of one and twenty years or Day of Marriage if she soe
long live which shall first happen without interest and her board
to my death And all the rest and residue of my ready money goods
chattels and personall Estate whatsoever and wheresoever
which I or any other person or persons In Trust for me or to my
use shall be possessed of interested in or any waise in[s]tituted
unto att the time of my death I give devise and bequeath unto
my said three Daughters Rebecca Compere Dorothy Compere and
Ann Compere to be equally divided between them share and
share alike And I hereby make nominate and appoint my said
Daughter Rebecca Compere Executrix of this my last Will and
Testament Willing that she be paid and I am buried hereto all
the Costs Charges and Expences that she shall any waise be
putt to or lay out as Executrix of this my Will and I hereby
revoke all former and other Wills by me att any time heretofore
made and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In
Witness where of I the said Mary Compere the Testatrix have to
this my last Will and Testament sett my hand and seale this
Tenth day of September One thousand Seaven hundred and thirty
Mary Compere Signed Sealed published declared and Delivered
by the said Mary Compere the Testatrix as and for her last Will and
Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto Subscribed our
names in her presence S Jobb Saml. Sedgewick Saml. Troughton.

Probatum... Probation clause in Latin, dated 18 September 1730.

  1. Inprimis: Latin for first or primarily.
  2. Messuage: Obsolete synonym for real estate property.
  3. Scituate: It is not known if this is an obsolete spelling of situate or merely a foible of this particular scribe.
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