Will of Elizabeth Compere

Written 20 February 1760, Probated 11 March 1760

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24 March 2006
In the name of God Amen:
I Elizabeth Compere of the Parish of Saint John Clerkenwell in the
County of Middlesex Widow being of sound and disposing mind and
memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and
Testament in manner and form following First and principally I
commend my Soul to Almighty God and my Body I desire may
be decently interred in Clerkenwell Church Yards as near as may be
to the Remains of my late Husband Mr. Leonard Compere deceased
and that the Expences of my funeral do not in the whole exceed
the Sum of ten Pounds as to my worldly Estate I dispose thereof
as follows/ I give devise and bequeath to my late Husbands three
Kinswomen Rebecca Compere Dorothy Compere and Ann Compere
and to their Heirs and Assigns for ever all those my two freehold
Houses in Stonecutter Street London and my two freehold Houses
in Shoe Lane London they paying thereout to Mr. Thomas Cole one
of the Tenants thereof the Sum of twenty Pounds by me
borrowed of him and I do hereby charge the said freehold Estates
with the payment of the same accordingly Item I give and
bequeath unto my Brother William Dowell's five children namely
Thomas William Charles Margaret and Elizabeth and to the
survivors and survivor of them the sum of two hundred Pounds standing
in my Name in Bank Annuities the Interest thereof in the
first Place to be received as the same shall grow one and
become payable by my Executors hereinafter named and to
be by them paid and applyed towards the Maintenance and
Support of the said five Children and the Survivors and the
Survivor of them until they shall severally and respectively
attain the Age of twenty one years which when they shall
severally accomplish or attain unto then I do hereby order and
direct that the said Principal Sum of two hundred Pounds
shall be paid to them and the Survivors of them severally and
respectively in equal Proportions Share and Share alike Item I
give and bequeath to the said Rebecca Compere my two Pier Glasses
the two Card Tables under them and the Chimney Glass in my
Dining Room Item I give and bequeath to Miss Ann
Brownsworth of Red Lyon Street Clerkenwell my two Diamond
Rings and all my China Item I give and bequeath to my late
Servant Ann now the Wife of James Cutler all my Cloaths
Linnen and Wearing Apparel of every Sort as also all and
singular my household Goods excepting those hereinbefore bequeathed
to Rebecca Compere And I do hereby order and direct that all my
Plate shall be sold and the Money arising by the Sale thereof
I do hereby give and bequeath to my Executors for the Pains
and Trouble they may have in the Execution of this my Will
All the Rest and Residue of my Estate and Effects I give and
bequeath to and among my said Brothers five Children Share
and Share alike and I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint
Mr. John Roe of Red Lyon Street Clerkenwell Cheesemonger and
the aforenamed James Cutler Executors of this my last Will and
Testament hereby revoking and making void all former and other
Wills by me at any time heretofore made In Witness whereof I have
to this my last Will and Testament set my Hand
and Seal this twentieth day of February in the Year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and Sixty. Eliz Compere . Signed
Sealed Published and declared by the Testatrix for and as her last Will and
Testament in the Presence of us whose names are hereunto
subscribed who in her Presence and at her Request have
attested the same. Geo: Baker, G: Talmask, Geo: Roe.

This Will was proved at London the eleventh day of
March one thousand seven hundred and sixty before the Worshipfull
Andrew Cohee Ducarol Doctor of Laws and Surrogate of the Right
Worshipfull Edward Simpson also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper
or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully
constituted by the Oaths of John Roe and James Cutler the Executors
named in the said Will to whom Administration was granted of
all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the Deceased they
having been first sworn duly to administer. EaC.

The following was written in the bottom of the page margin at the end of the will proper, below the first line of the original probate:

Proved at London the 19th Day of November 1776 before the Worshipful George Harris Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oath of
James Curtler by mistake in the Will called Cutler the surviving Executor to whom AdmonNote 1 was granted having been first sworn Duly
to administer A probate of Will of the said Deceased granted in the Month of March 1760 to John Roe and the said
James Curtler by the Name of Cutler the Executor named in the said Will having been first brought in voluntarily and
declared null and void. /

  1. Admon: Common abbreviation found in Probate clauses for administration.
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