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The Online Photo Album of Larry and Jan RHODES
Rhodes Family in 1961
Larry, Chuck, Dusty, and Jan
23 August 1961.
Rhodes Family in 1977
Larry, Dusty, Jan, and Chuck

Jamie, Dusty, Nancy, and Julia
Easter 2006
Photographs Featuring the CARTER-LILES Families
Grandma and Grandpa Carter
Amos and Elva Liles CARTER
(Larry's Grandparents)
Elva Liles Carter feeding chickens
Elva Liles CARTER feeding her chickens on the farm
(Larry's Grandmother)
Sarah Elva Liles
Elva LILES in her teens in a dress made by her own hand.
(Larry's Grandmother)
Amos CARTER in his youth.
(Larry's Grandfather. This suit, bowler hat, and fanciful pose probably belonged to the photographer.)
Thema Carter
Thelma CARTER, about 1933, not long before her untimely death due to a heart condition on 14 December 1934.
(Larry's Mother's Sister)
Liles Brothers and Sisters
Children of William Liles and Pattie Eure, from left to right, Crettie Liles Meacombs, James Liles, Irma (Mrs. Manly) Liles, Manly Liles, Elva Liles Carter, and Amos Carter (husband of Elva)
(Larry's Grandaunts, Granduncles, and Grandparents)
Nancy Carter Deaver
Nancy Jane Carter DEAVER, about 1954, in Kinston, North Carolina
(Larry's Great-grandmother)
Pattie Eure Liles
Martha E. “Pattie” Eure LILES, photo of a portrait
(Larry's Great-grandmother)
William & Ella LILES
William and Ella LILES
(Larry's Great-Grandfather and his second wife, Ella PRESCOTT, taken in the 1920s.
Rhodes Family
Margaret, Max, and Larry,
About 1938. Photo from an album of Margaret's sister, Pattie; courtesy of Crettie Parrish Mitchell.
In Front of the Bailey House
Margaret Carter RHODES and Larry,
about 1947-1948, in front of their Bailey, NC home.
Margaret Carter Rhodes
Margaret Carter RHODES
22 November 2007
The Oaks at Sweeten Creek, Arden, North Carolina
Photographs Featuring COMPERE-RUSSELL Family Members
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Charley Russell
A reproduction from the only known photograph of Charley RUSSELL. After his untimely death from influenza in 1918, his mother, Josephine Coleman RUSSELL, had a portrait made from a snapshot, and gave the portrait to Charley's daughter, Dixie Lee Russell COMPERE.
(Jan's Grandfather)
Ora Crow Russell Witcher
Ora Crow Russell WITCHER.
(Jan's Grandmother)
Crow Twins about 1885
Ida and Ora CROW, about 1885.
Crow Twins In 1889
Ida and Ora CROW in 1889.
(Jan's Grandmother and Great Aunt)
Crow Twins about 1960
Ora Crow Russell WITCHER and Ida Crow HEARN about 1960.
Dixie Lee Russell Compere
Dixie Lee RUSSELL, inscribed on the back
To Eloise
Dixie Lee Russell
Age 4 yrs 3 mon.

(Jan's mother, Eloise was Dixie's first cousin.)
Abel Marion Crow, CA
Abel Marion CROW, Confederate Army
Macon (Ga.) Light Artillery at a veterans' encampment.
(Jan's Great Grandfather)
Sallie Chiles Crow
Sarah “Sallie” CHILES CROW
(Jan's Great Grandmother)
Photo courtesy of Jan Hearn Davenport
Dixie Compere, 1928
Dixie RUSSELL in 1928
Bill Compere in 1928
Bill COMPERE in 1928
Jan in 1937
Jan COMPERE about 1937.
Bill and Dixie Compere
Dixie RUSSELL and William "Bill" COMPERE
(Jan's parents)
E. L. Compere
Ebeneezer Lee COMPERE
(Jan's Great Grandfather)
Josephine Mullins Compere
Josephine Isabella Mullins COMPERE
(Jan's Great Grandmother)
Susie Compere
(Jan's Grandfather's sister, who died at nineteen.)
W. Lee Compere Family
[L–R] Ralph, Ione Phelps, Rev. Lee, and Will COMPERE
(Jan's Uncle, Grandmother, Grandfather, and Father)
Rev. W. Lee Compere
(Jan's Grandfather)
Ione Phelps Compere
Sarah Ione Phelps COMPERE
(Jan's Grandfather)
Rev Lee Compere
Rev. Lee Compere
(Jan's Great-great-grandfather)
Rice-Tremonti Sign
Historical Marker at the Rice-Tremonti Historic Site.
Rice House Front
The Archibald and Sarah Richmond RICE home in Raytown, Missouri.
(Jan's Great-great-great-grandparents)
Photographs Featuring RHODES-FRADY Family Members
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CSA Reunion Encampment
Confederate Veterans Reunion, year unknown. Noah FRADY is indicated by the arrow seated towards the middle of the group. One of his brothers, either Lonie or Sam, is seated front row left. This medal he brought back from an encampment in Chatanooga, Tenn. in 1913.

Confederate Badge
Pvt. Noah Frady Leads the Parade
Private Noah L FRADY, CSA leading an Old Hickory Division reunion parade (30th Infantry Division, U. S. Army) on 28 September 1920 on Patton Avenue in Asheville, NC. The image is adapted from a photographic print in family hands. The negative is held in the E.M. Ball Photographic Collection (1918-1969), D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. The online listing of the contents of the Otis J. Clontz Collection, in the same library, names copies of The Asheville Times covering the reunion which establishes the date.
(Larry's Great Grandfather)
Mary Powers and Noah FRADY
(Larry's Great-grandparents. Photograph of a portrait in the possession of William L. “Bill” RHODES, Jr.)
Etta and Bud Rhodes
Composite image of Mary Etta FRADY and Burton Benjonas “Bud” RHODES. The dates of the portraits are unknown but it is estimated that both of them were taken between 1900 and 1910.
(Larry's Grandparents)
The children of Bud Rhodes and Etta Frady
Taken, it is estimated, about 1916, from left to right, Pauline, Max, Mable, and Carlee RHODES, the children of Bud and Etta.
(Larry's aunts, uncle, and father)

Mable on the left, Max on the right, about 1910. They were born 1 April 1908. It is told that proud Daddy, Bud, had a hard time convincing the people around Skyland and Limestone Township that Etta had delivered twins on April Fools' Day.

About 1953 in Wise, Virginia, Mable and Max. Mable married Clyde GASPERSON of Buncombe County; and they had Clyde Jr., Lucille, Audrey, David, Cecily, and Beth. Max married Margaret CARTER of Johnston County; and they had Lawrence (Larry).
Saluda Tent Meeting Hand Bill
Reproduced hand bill of an August tent meeting revival in Saluda, NC, featuring Mr. B. J. RHODES as music director. The year is not shown, but 8 August only fell on Sunday in 1926 during the tenure of Rev. M. C. Lunsford as pastor of Saluda Baptist Church. Grandpa RHODES was a shaped-note singing teacher.
Passenger: Max Rhodes
The name of the driver is unknown -- the mule asked to remain anonymous, but the passenger (in the left seat) is Max RHODES in the summer of 1936 in Johnston County, NC.
(Larry's father)
Aunt Elsie Frady
Elsie Dona Frady Garren Sumner FRADY, portrait year unknown.
(Larry's Grandaunt)
Aunt Elsie Frady
Last photograph of Aunt Elsie, taken shortly before her death in 1974.
Grandpa Rhodes, Larry, and Grandma Bertha
Burton RHODES, Larry, and Bertha Barton RHODES, taken in 1941 on the porch of the house near Tigerville, Greenville County, SC.
After Etta passed away in 1913, Grandpa RHODES married Bertha BARTON.
Rhodes Brothers and Sisters
Back Row:Zeb RHODES, Dora Rhodes KELLY, Naomi “Omie” Rhodes GRANT, Edith RHODES, Josie RHODES
Front Row:Will RHODES, Lawrence RHODES, Frank RHODES, John RHODES
Taken about 1955 at a family reunion, these are some of the sons and daughters of Albert Boston RHODES. (Larry's Great Uncles and Great Aunts. Not present for the photo were Grandpa Bud RHODES, Ida Rhodes DAVIS, Dina Rhodes BATES, Jeff RHODES, and Tom RHODES.)
Lanning House 1 Lanning House 2
In 1776, according to his pension records, the nineteen year-old John Lanning (Larry's Great-great-great-great-grandfather) of Rowan County, became a private in General Rutherford's campaign against the Cherokees. The troops scaled the east face of the Blue Ridge and crossed through Swannanoa Gap and proceeded westward down the Swannanoa River. I like to believe that John was part of a scouting party that explored up Gashes Creek, through Minehole Gap, and down Gap Creek into the Cane Creek Valley; because after he was back home from South Carolina with General Lincoln and finished with the war and the new state of North Carolina had opened the lands to settlement, John along with his wife, children, mother-in-law, and other family members picked up their belongings in Rowan County and moved beyond the Blue Ridge to Buncombe County, where they settled along Gap Creek, a Cane Creek tributary.

These log structures are located at the intersection of Emmas Grove and Gap Creek Roads in Buncombe County, North Carolina on land formerly owned by John Lanning Sr. They were probably built and used by his son John Jr.
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