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Bailey School
Bailey, Nash County, North Carolina
1943 - 1944 First Grade
Teacher Miss Ross

Boys of Bailey, 1944
Boys - Lenward, Eugene, Bruce, Lawrence [Rhodes], Garland, Ted, William, J. A., Douglas, Bobby Lee, John Robert, Bobby Ray, Charles Ray, Ashley, Leo, Melvin, Harvey

Girls - Teacher Miss Ross. Betty Lou, Barbara Nell, Lucille, Shelby Jean, Caroline, Jean, Janie, Barbara Allen, Angelia, Sue, Arbadella, Edith, [illegible, may be two names], Billie Faye, Shelby Jean (?), [illegible]

These photos were taken by my mother with a Kodak box camera and 620 film. She mounted them in one of those old type albums with black pages held in place with the paste on corners. The album page is deteriorating badly, but the pictures are in good condition. She wrote the first names under the photos with a white pencil; and the girls names, at the bottom of the page have been damaged. I am the fourth boy from the left in the front row. I don't know the surnames of any of the others. I don't specifically recall the day; but I can remember what it felt like to get to go outside at a time other than recess. The boys' picture shows that exuberance, clearly.

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