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These are photographs of the headstones of some of the ancestors of Jan and Larry Rhodes

Ashelawn Gardens of Memory
Old Marshall Road about one mile west of Business 19
Weaverville, North Carolina
Max Rufus Rhodes
1 April 1908 - 27 February 2003
Son of Burton B. Rhodes and Etta Frady
Husband of Margaret E. Carter
(Larry's Father)
Max Rhodes' Headstone

Russell-Hocker Cemetery
Meridian Road
Graves County, Kentucky
John Russell Headstone John C. Russell
31 July 1810 - 15 December 1879
(Jan's Great Great Grandfather)
Levina Lowe Russell
1815 - 1851
(Jan's Great Great Grandmother)
Levina Russell Headstone

Hooper's Creek Baptist Church
Henderson County, North Carolina
Cinthy Garren Rhodes headstone Cinthy Elizabeth Garren Rhodes
15 December 1862 - 3 May 1889
Daughter of David Garren Jr. and Rachel Barnhill
Wife of Albert B. Rhodes
(Larry's Great Grandmother Rhodes, died in child birth)
Burton Benjonas "Bud" Rhodes
20 January 1880 - 27 March 1942
Son of Albert B. Rhodes and Cinthy E. Garren
Husband of (1) Etta Frady and
(2) Bertha Barton
(Larry's Grandfather)
Bud Rhodes' Headstone

Longview Cemetery
12700 SE Raytown Road
Kansas City, Missouri
Dixie Lee Russell Compere
17 April 1907 - 18 May 1994
(Jan's Mother)
Compere Marker
(Columbarium location)
William Latimore "Bill" Compere
19 June 1903 - 7 October 1971
(Jan's Father)

Mount Zion Baptist Church
Overlook Road
Skyland, North Carolina
Mary Ann Powers Frady Headstone Mary Ann Powers Frady
13 May 1846 - 24 February 1918
Daughter of Jesse and Sally Powers
Wife of Noah L. Frady
(Larry's Great Grandmother Frady)
Noah L. Frady
27 March 1847 - 15 September 1922
Son of John Frady and Polly Lance
Husband of Mary Ann Powers
(Larry's Great Grandfather Frady)
Noah Frady Headstone
Mary Etta Frady Rhodes
22 March 1877 - 5 June 1913
Daughter of Noah L. Frady and Mary Ann Powers
Wife of Burton B. Rhodes
(Larry's Grandmother Rhodes)
Rev. F. M. Pressley
8 May 1846 - 5 January 1935
Addie Frady Pressley
5 March 1852 - 20 January 1929
(Sister of Larry's Great Grandfather)
Addie Frady Pressley Headstone

New Salem Baptist Church
Rathfarnham Road
Skyland, North Carolina
John Lance Jr.
10 August 1787 - 19 May 1852
Husband of Sarah Dryman Lance
Father of Polly Lance Frady
(Larry's Great Great Great Grandfather)
John Lance Jr.
Photo courtesy of Dennis Lance
Sarah Dryman Lance
Photo courtesy of Dennis Lance
Sarah Dryman Lance
19 June 1785 - 30 November 1856
Wife of John Lance Jr.
Mother of Polly Lance Frady
(Larry's Great Great Great Grandmother)
John Frady
17 March 1816 - 26 July 1895
Son of Ephraim Frady and Nancy DeFraise
Husband of Polly Lance
(Larry's Great Great Grandfather)
John Frady Headstone
Polly Lance Frady Headstone Mary "Polly" Lance Frady
19 April 1811 - 2 December 1893
Wife of John Frady
(Larry's Great Great Grandmother)
Nancy DeFraise Frady
1792 - 1886
Wife of Ephraim Frady
(Larry's Great Great Great Grandmother)
Nancy Defraise Frady Headstone
Elsie Frady Headstone Elsie Frady Garren Sumner Frady
13 April 1883 - 1974
Wife of (1) Albert Garren, (2) Parris Sumner, and (3) Ellis Frady
(Sister of Larry's Grandmother Etta)
Albert Garren
16 November 1874 - 20 October 1902
First husband of Elsie Frady Garren
Worked and died on the railroad
Albert Garren Headstone
Jessie Garren Headstone Jessie Garren
10 March 1902 - 24 February 1907
Daughter of Albert and Elsie Garren
Aunt Elsie wore Jessie's picture in a locket to her grave
Parris Sumner
7 February 1879 - 12 March 1908
Second husband, and first cousin, of Elsie Frady
Died by gunshot
Parris Sumner Headstone
Ellis Frady headstone Ellis Frady
1884 - 1968
Third husband, and first cousin, of Elsie Frady
Frank Rhodes
1882 - 1965
Flanked by second wife, Kate (1902 - 1980)
and first wife, Emma (1889 - 1918)
(Brother of Larry's Grandfather)
Kate, Frank, Emma Rhodes Headstone
Zeb and Ellen Rhodes Headstone Zeberdee Rhodes
15 June 1883 - 9 June 1965
Ellen Rhodes
2 August 1891 - 20 January 1976
(Brother of Larry's Grandfather)

Rosedale Cemetery
Oak and Armory
Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
Albert Thomas Russell
9 January 1843 - 5 May 1908
(Jan's Great Grandfather)
Albert T Russell Headstone
Photo courtesy of Kay Ponder
Josephine Coleman Russell Headstone
Photo courtesy of Kay Ponder
Josephine Coleman Russell
30 January 1850 - 19 April 1929
(Jan's Great Grandmother)
Charley Russell
16 February 1880 - 27 November 1918
Son of Albert T. Russell and Josephine Coleman
Husband of Ora Crow
(Jan's Grandfather)
Charley Russell Headstone
Photo courtesy of Kay Ponder
Ora Russell Witcher Headstone Ora Crow Russell Witcher
24 October 1884 - 19 March 1975
Daughter of Abel M. Crow and Sarah Chiles
Wife of (1) Charley Russell
and (2) W. J. Witcher
(Jan's Grandmother)
Thomas Jackson Russell
June - August 1909
Son of Charley and Ora Crow Russell
Thomas Jackson Russell Headstone
Charley (Pete) Russell Jr. Headstone Charley "Pete" Russell Jr.
10 September 1913 - 21 October 1918
Son of Charley and Ora Crow Russell
C Russell
19 December 1918 - 2 September 1991
Son of Charley Russell and Ora Crow
(Jan's Uncle)
C Russell Headstone
Photo courtesy of Kay Ponder
William Jacob Witcher Headstone
Photo courtesy of Kay Ponder
William Jacob Witcher
7 February 1881 - 24 May 1947
(Jan's Step-grandfather)
Abel Marion Crow
18 August 1844 - 3 May 1927
Confederate Veteran
(Jan's Great Grandfather "Papa Crow")
Abel M. Crow Headstone
Sallie Chiles Crow Headstone Sarah F. "Sallie" Chiles Crow
7 July 1851 - 27 February 1937
(Jan's Great Grandmother "Mama Crow")
George Olin Crow
5 May 1879 - 4 December 1957
Son of Abel and Sallie Crow,
Husband of Frankie Prewitt
(Brother of Jan's Grandmother)
Olin Crow Headstone
Frankie Crow Headstone Frankie Prewitt Crow
1 July 1888 - 21 July 1971
Wife of Olin Crow
Alfred F. Crow
27 September 1916 - 10 October 1944
World War II
Son of Olin and Frankie Crow
Alfred Crow Headstone
Ida and Clifton Hearn Headstone Ida Crow Hearn
24 October 1884 - 6 April 1969
Edward Clifton Hearn
17 December 1886 - 23 May 1954
("Aunt Idie," twin sister of Jan's Grandmother)
James Hearn
6 February 1919 - 1 September 1943
Son of Ida Crow and Clifton Hearn
James Hearn Headstone
Frances Hearn and Paul Dillman Headstone Frances Hearn Dillman
2 August 1911 - 27 February 1994
Paul Dillman
6 December 1894 - 16 October 1964
Daughter of Ida Crow and Clifton Hearn
Elena Russell Lowe
24 September 1868 - 5 August 1927
(Sister of Charley Russell, Jan's Grandfather, "Aunt Leenie"
Elena Russell Lowe Headstone
Bill Lowe Headstone William E. Lowe
14 June 1869 - 12 December 1959
Husband of Elena Russell Lowe
Youngs Coleman
4 October 1843 - 13 April 1912
(Cousin of Charley Russell and a minister, who conducted the wedding ceremony for Charley and Ora)
Youngs Coleman Headstone

White Oak Cemetery
Mena, Arkansas
Ebenezer Lee Compere
8 February 1833 - 27 November 1895
Married 13 December 1868
Pioneer Baptist missionary in Western Arkansas and Indian Territory, Confederate Chaplain, founder of Buckner College, Witcherville, Arkansas
(Jan's Great Grandfather)
E L Compere Headstone
Josephine Mullins Compere Headstone Josephine Isabella Mullins Compere
1 February 1844 - 11 January 1937
(Jan's Great Grandmother)
Susie Compere
26 February 1880 - 22 July 1888
Daughter of Josephine Mullins and Ebenezer Compere
Susie Compere Headstone
Thelma Compere Headstone Thelma Compere
Daughter of Sarah Ione Phelps and William Lee Compere
(This headstone was probably installed in later years by the plot owner, William Pipkin, who may have gotten the name and dates confused. Birth date, 9 March 1898, is not questioned; but Thelma was enumerated on the 1900 census; and apparently died that November.)
Jenny Compere Pipkin
1871 - 1947
William Minor Pipkin
1870 - 1948
Daughter of Josephine Mullins and E. L. Compere
Jenny Compere and Wm Pipkin Headstone

Cane Creek Cemetery
Graveyard Road
Fairview, NC
John Lanning
Feb 27, 1757 -- Aug 10, 1839
Private American Revolution
Served in Rutherford's Expedition against the
Cherokee Indians, in Lincoln's campaign against the
British in South Carolina, in Battle of Stono and
frequent skirmishes of this campaign March 4, 1831
allowed an annual pension of $31.33
Sarah Whitaker
Dec 7, 1767 -- May 26, 1848
wife of John Lanning
Mother of 14 children 12 reared families
March 4, 1843 allowed an annual pension of $31.33
Monument erected by Sons of American Revolution
(Larry's Great-great-great-great Grandparents)
John and Sarah Whitaker Lanning
Mary Reed Whitaker Mary Reed Whitaker
1748 -- 1832
wife of Joshua Sr.
1735 -- 1798
Buried Linwood, Davidson Co, N.C.
(Larry's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents)

Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Popular [Sic] Springs Road
Whitfield County, Georgia
Thomas Crow
Jan. 29, 1800
Jan. 21, 1884
(Jan's Great-Great-Grandfather}
Thomas Crow
Mary Cox Crow Mary Crow
Oct. 15, 1804
Feb. 26, 1876
(Jan's Great-Great-Grandmother}