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Latta School, 1947 - 1948
Sixth and Seventh Grades
Latta, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

Latta School
  1. Shirley Ann Kelly, Lolita Laxton, Alvin Gilly, Lela Roddy, Corky Hudson, Dick Parker, Larry Anson
  2. Geneva Gamble, Jan, Nadine Fike, Leonard Dillback, Billy Smith, Gerald Price
  3. Ray Green, Wesley Odem, Steve Gain, Bill Bivins, Wendell Stewart
  4. Tommie Sue Lancaster, Lahoma Parker, Sylvestor Gipson, Bobby Kirkwood
  5. Jewell ?, James Jones, Austin Blackwell, Wilma Thurman, Jackie Burnett
  6. Mr. Hollis Cleghorn (Absent: Yolanda Campbell)
Jan attended this school for a year while staying with her grandmother who lived about a mile west of the school. The date, Nov. 7, 1947, along with the names were written on the back in pencil. The photo was damaged, and has been repaired to the best of our abilities.
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